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What are Cinebuzz Rewards points?

Present your Cinebuzz Rewards card when you purchase tickets at the Cinema, or log into your Account when purchasing online or on your mobile app and you will earn Cinebuzz Rewards points.

Every film* you see earns you points.

Please note that members will earn Reward Points on one paid ticket per session. This means that regardless of the number of tickets purchased or the number of transactions processed, a Cinebuzz account is only able to earn rewards points for one paid ticket per session.

In order for each ticket purchased to be eligible to earn points, each ticket holder must have an individual Cinebuzz account at the time of purchase.

The number of points you earn depends on the cinema experience as below:

Earning Points                           All Members  

Standard session                                 100

Vmax session                                       150

4DX                                                        150

Gold Class session                               250

Screen Savers                                         50

Screen savers with Vmax surcharge   75

Telstra Thanks                                        50

Telstra Thanks VMAX                             75

Plus you get 25 bonus points^ if you book online.

Once you have collected sufficient points you are entitled to a free ticket.

The number of points you need to redeem a free ticket depends on the session type you wish to attend as below.

Redeeming points                       All members  

Standard session                                  600

Vmax session                                         900

Gold Class session                               1500

^The online purchase bonus does not apply to Telstra tickets.

 *Cinebuzz points redemptions are not eligible to earn points.

Points cannot be earned on tickets where there is no monetary value, i.e complimentary tickets.

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