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Terms & Conditions: Blockbuster (Book of Five) Vouchers


Blockbuster Movie Savers are sold at a discount and as such conditions apply:

  •          This Blockbuster Movie Saver is not valid for use at sessions from 5pm on Saturdays.
  •          This Blockbuster Movie Saver entitles the holder to one admission to any standard session at Event, Greater Union or BCC Cinemas.
  •          Not available for use at Village Cinemas, Skyline Drive In or Moonlight Cinemas.
  •          Not valid for use in Victoria or Tasmania.
  •          Blockbuster Movie Savers expire 6 months from the date of purchase
  •          Use your Blockbuster Movie Saver to book online at (Booking fees may apply), or present your voucher to the Cinema Box Office.
  •          Surcharges apply for V-Max and 3D screenings. 3D glasses sold separately.
  •          Standard film classifications apply.
  •          Seating is subject to availability.
  •          This Blockbuster Movie Saver has been sold with the understanding that it will not be extended, replaced or refunded and is invalid without an expiry date.
  •          The onus is on the holder to use the Blockbuster Movie Saver before the specified expiry date.
  •          No change given.
  •          Blockbuster Movie Savers cannot be transferred or sold without the prior written permission of the Greater Union Organisation Pty Limited.
  •          Any advertisement, circulation or publication, which includes a reference to Event, Greater Union or BCC Cinemas by you or one of your customers, must first be approved in writing by the Greater Union Organisation Pty Ltd.
  •          Blockbuster Movie Savers cannot be redeemed for Gold Class, Premium Seating concepts, 4DX, Boutique, Event Junior, Movie Marathons, Chicks At The Flicks, group bookings or any sessions classified as festivals, alternate content or special events including but not limited to foreign films. 
  •          Blockbuster Movie Savers cannot be exchanged for cash.
  •          Blockbuster Movie Savers will be void and will not be redeemable if they are defaced, mutilated altered or tampered with in any way. Event, Greater Union and BCC Cinemas may subject Blockbuster Movie Savers to verifications and security checks in its absolute discretion.
  •          Event, Greater Union and BCC Cinemas reserves the right to cancel any Blockbuster Movie Saver, or the Blockbuster Movie Saver scheme, for any reason at any time without notice. In these circumstances Event, Greater Union and BCC Cinemas may either provide a refund or a replacement Blockbuster Movie Saver of equivalent value unless it reasonably suspects fraud in relation to a Blockbuster Movie Saver.
  •          Event, Greater Union and BCC Cinemas reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions of Blockbuster Movie Saver vouchers without notice.
  •          The Blockbuster Movie Saver remains the property of Event, Greater Union and BCC Cinemas.
  •          Valid for use in Australia only.
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