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Why can't I redeem my points?

If you are logged into your active Cinebuzz account before you select your session online, or present your Cinebuzz card over the counter before your transaction but you cannot redeem points for the session, it could be because either:

You do not have sufficient points for the type of session you are attempting to redeem for (eg. 600 points for standard, 900 points for Vmax, 1500 points for Gold Class).


The film is restricted from use of Cinebuzz points and marked ‘NFT.’

Event Cinemas reserves the right to impose a “no free list” or “no free tickets” restriction (NFT) to certain films and screenings in its discretion.

NFT is a restriction imposed for selected films and screenings upon their release. It means that no special complimentary coupons, Cinebuzz free tickets or offers are valid for use on that specific film or screening until the restriction has been lifted, this includes Cinebuzz points. Generally, the NFT restriction will last only 1-2 weeks after a film’s release, although there are exceptions.

However, points can be used to unlock a special priced ticket for these sessions. Please note the points used are PER ticket and you will still have to pay a discounted price.


It is a Gold Class Session after 5.00PM on a Saturday. Points cannot be redeemed for Gold Class on any sessions on Saturday after 5.00PM.


Your card is not activated - please follow these instructions to activate your Cinebuzz Rewards card.

Step ONE: CLICK HERE for the Cinebuzz Rewards homepage

Step TWO: Entered all of your details, including your card number on the field provided- under 'Other details'

Step THREE: Once you have entered all of your details, press ‘submit’

Step FOUR: You will receive an email from us asking you to confirm your membership.

Click on the link from the email and your account will be successfully activated.

If you do not receive this email, please CLICK HERE and let us know the following information:

Full name:

Email address:

12 digit Cinebuzz card number:

Please note that in order to redeem points online for a valid session, the redemption ticket must be selected on the ticket selection page. If you select a normal ticket (Adult, child etc), you will be charged for the price that is displayed for these tickets. Refunds are not given for incorrect selections (please see our refunds policy).

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