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Can I redeem multiple Dine & Discover or Parents NSW vouchers in one online order?

For Dine and Discover vouchers

Redemption is restricted to one (1) voucher per Service NSW account per day. If more than one (1) voucher is attempted to be redeemed the transaction will fail.

You can only redeem multiple Dine & Discover vouchers in your online order if every voucher you are entering is registered to a different resident. If you attempt to use multiple Dine & Discover NSW vouchers for the same resident in one order, your booking will fail and be automatically cancelled.

For Parents NSW vouchers

Vouchers can be used separately or multiple Vouchers can be used in the one transaction up to a total of $250.

NOTE: Parents NSW vouchers cannot be combined together in the one transaction with Dine and Discover NSW vouchers. If the different vouchers are combined and attempted to be redeemed together, the transaction will fail.

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