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How do points work for Drive In tickets?

Please note that for sessions at Blacktown Skyline Drive In points will only be applied to the Cinebuzz card of the purchaser as the purchase is technically only one ticket.

The points structure for Skyline Drive In is as below.

Earning Points

Car with 1 person 100

Car with 2 people 200

Car with 3 people 300

Car with 4 people 400

Car with 5 people 500

Car with 6 people 600

All Family tickets will earn 150 points.

Plus you get 25 bonus points if you book online.

*Cinebuzz points redemptions and complimentary tickets are not eligible to earn points.

Once you have collected sufficient points you are entitled to a free ticket. 

Redeeming points

Car with 1 person - 600 points

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