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How can I check my gift card or voucher validity?

You can check the balance, status, expiry and redemption history of your Gift Card online. You can also check the status, expiry and redemption history of your Voucher online.

Click HERE to check the validity of your product. Note that your voucher will not hold a balance, as it is single redemption only and does not hold a monetary value.

Your product details can be found on the back of your physical Gift Card or Voucher (or on your printed e-copy):

The Gift Card number is the 19 digital number (beginning with ‘9036’) below the barcode image

Your Voucher number is the 12 digital number (beginning with ‘G’) found near the barcode image

Your PIN is a three or four-digit number located near the barcode (for physical plastic gift cards, the pin may be located under a scratch panel)

If you Voucher number begins with the letter ‘V’ or 'C', this indicates that is was issued by Village Cinemas and we are unable to review these products. Please contact Village Cinemas directly for assistance.

A step-by-step visual instruction guide can be found attached below.


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