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How do I book online using a gift card or voucher?

A gift card product will start with barcode ‘9036’. Booking online with your Gift Card is easy. You can add your Gift Card balance to your order at the ‘Payment’ page during the booking process, using the appropriate fields to enter your card barcode number and PIN. Once entered, your card balance will appear as a payment option for your order as you complete checkout.

A voucher product will start with barcode ‘G’ or ‘V’. Booking online with your Voucher (or eVoucher) is easy.

At the 'Tickets' page of the online booking process, you can add your Vouchers to your order using the ‘Add a voucher or code’ field; each Voucher will then add to your order as its own ticket. The voucher will show a $0.00 value if added correctly (this is because the voucher is pre-paid and you do not need to pay for the ticket again).

You will only need to select additional ticket types (e.g. Adult, Child) if you need more seats than the Vouchers that you’ve entered will cover.

Because Vouchers do not hold a dollar value for redemption, they cannot be entered at the ‘Payment’ stage during check out (this field is only for Gift Cards).

NOTE: Food & Beverage Vouchers (barcode starts with a ‘G1F’ cannot be redeemed online and must be presented in person during your visit.

ALSO NOTE: Not all vouchers are valid at every cinema, or for every session. Please make sure that you have read the terms and conditions of your product carefully.

A step-by-step visual instruction guide can be found attached below.


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